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Laugh Lines

Pint-Sized Punch Lines

July 26, 1998

* Why did the robber paint his hand blue? So he wouldn't get caught red-handed. (Brittany Villalobos, 9, Torrance, St. Philomena School)

* What kind of saw cuts a puzzle? A jigsaw. (Shayna Stuart, 8, Santa Monica, Grant Elementary)

* Why did the bee go into outer space? It heard there was a honeymoon. (John Dahlberg, 6, Burbank, Edison Elementary)

* What did one planet say to the other? "Give me some space." (Christine Do, 8, Altadena, Noyes Elementary)

* What kind of tree grows chickens? Poul-tree. (Cayla Naomi Penenberg, 9, West L.A., Temple Emanuel Community Day School)

* What's the difference between curry and the Spice Girls? The Spice Girls don't have any Ginger. (Masarrat-Fatimah Fazal, 12, Los Angeles, St. Anne School)


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