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Search Is Down to 1 for Superintendent

July 28, 1998|JOEL P. ENGARDIO

The search for a new superintendent of schools in Simi Valley has been narrowed to one unnamed candidate, and the Board of Trustees could reach a decision this week, officials said.

Trustees Diane Collins, Janice DiFatta and Carla Kurachi will travel to the candidate's home district for a visit today.

"It's a short plane ride; just to Northern California," said Kurachi, declining to comment further about the candidate.

Trustees had considered John O'Sullivan of Greensboro, N.C., as a second finalist.

"John was a great candidate, and I'm sure he will find a job soon. But we were a little nervous about him not having prior superintendent experience," Kurachi said. O'Sullivan is executive director of auxiliary services for a 60,000-student district, three times the size of Simi Valley's.

DiFatta, the board president, said she thinks the final candidate will work out.

"This is the final step; an announcement could happen," DiFatta said. "We could make a decision Thursday, pending approval of the contract."

A personnel session is set for Thursday evening, when the three trustees can report to colleagues Norman Walker and Caesar Julian.

Simi Valley has had eight superintendents since 1990.

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