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What Might Bill Have Said to Toni? Kofi to Diane?


For all aspiring actors and actresses, ambitious future presidents and other would-be members of the truly rich and famous, we hope you weren't too humbled by not being invited to down your share of the bubbly at Time magazine's humongous bash in New York last week.

The most notable of notables, the elite of the elite, the A-plus of the A-list, these uber-celebrities gathered to commemorate the magazine's 75th anniversary. Celebrity watchers could write a book about social standing in America just by studying the seating arrangements. Here's a partial list, obtained by The Times, of the most "recognizable" names.

We discovered that even though you may make a whole lot of money making technological widgets and doodads, you still aren't guaranteed a seat next to Bill, Hillary, Toni and Jodie at Table 20 (although bumping elbows with Sharon isn't a bad trade-off).

We wondered what Val Kilmer and Norman Mailer talked about as they passed the salt and pepper, whether or not Kevin Costner and Mikhail Gorbachev discussed their recent professional setbacks, how William Ginsburg and Gen. William Westmoreland compared notes on long-term strategizing, and whether Martha Stewart and Jack Kemp blabbed more about home or supply-side economics.


Table 2

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Cronkite

Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman

Sen. & Mrs. John Glenn


Table 4

Bill & Ernestine Bradley

Barry Diller

Diane von Furstenberg

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Wallace


Table 5

Carol Channing

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur

Schlesinger Jr.

Elie Wiesel


Table 6

John F. Kennedy Jr.

Rory Kennedy


Table 7

Anne Bancroft &

Mel Brooks

Joe DiMaggio

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Kissinger

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Grunwald


Table 8

Robert McNamara

Strobe Talbott


Table 9

Muhammad & Yolanda Ali

Sen. & Mrs. Edward Kennedy

Christopher Lawford

Mr. & Mrs. Pat Fallon


Table 10

James Hoge

Cynthia McFadden

Steve Kroft

Jennet Conant


Table 18

Steven Spielberg & Kate Capshaw

Norman Pearlstine & Nancy Friday

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Grove

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Brooks


Table 20

President & Mrs. Clinton

Jodie Foster

The Rev. Billy Graham

Mr. & Mrs. Walter lsaacson

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Levin

Mary Tyler Moore & Dr. S. Robert Levine

Toni Morrison

Lauren Bacall


Table 22

Mike Nichols & Diane Sawyer

Mira Sorvino

Mr. and Mrs. Kofi Annan

Steve Jobs

Don Logan


Table 23

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Jennings

Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Alexander


Table 24

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg & Edwin Schlossberg

Jane Pauley & Garry Trudeau

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Heyward

Margaret Carlson


Table 25

Judith Jamison

Dr. Christian Barnard

Linda Wachner


Table 26

Richard Holbrooke

Michael Bloomberg


Table 27

Sharon Stone & Phil Bronstein

Bill & Melinda Gates

Dr. & Mrs. James Watson

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Hallett


Table 29

Kevin Costner

Mikhail & Raisa Gorbachev

Sophia Loren

Eduardo Ponti

Peggy Noonan


Table 31

Mr. & Mrs. Chris O'Donnell

Liz Smith

Steve Case


Table 33

Jay McInerney & Helen Bransford

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Rather


Table 36

Matt Lauer

Harvey Weinstein


Table 38

Tina Brown & Harry Evans

Jeffrey Katzenberg

Val Kilmer

Norman Mailer & Norris Church


Table 39

Sherry Rollins

Faye Wattleton


Table 44

Raquel Welch

Don Hewitt & Marilyn Berger (Mrs. Hewitt)


Table 46

Sen. & Mrs. Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Mr. & Mrs. Sonny Mehta


Table 47

Nancy Kerrigan & Jerry Solomon

Christopher Meigher


Table 48

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Brokaw

Mr. & Mrs. Sean Connery

Mr. & Mrs. Ahmet Ertegun


Table 49

Mr. & Mrs. Roone Arledge

Ben Bradlee & Sally Quinn

Richard Zoglin


Table 50

Tim Russert & Maureen Orth

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Califano

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Budge


Table 52

Betty Friedan

Dominick Dunne

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Luce III

Reg Brack


Table 53

Kathy Bates

A.M. Rosenthal & Shirley Lord


Table 54

Donna Rice

Mort & Linda Janklow

Gil Rogin


Table 57

Dorothy Hamill

Terry Anderson

Eric Alterman

Steven & Sally Bedell Smith


Table 59

Charlie Rose & Amanda Burden

Mort Sahl

Art Cooper

Rick Kaplan


Table 61

Edward James Olmos

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Zucker


Table 62

Mr. & Mrs. Andy Rooney

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Safir


Table 65

David Copperfield & Claudia Schiffer

Regis & Joy Philbin

Wendy Wasserstein


Table 66

Martha Stewart

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Kemp

James Murdoch


Table 67

Russell Simmons

Cheryl Tiegs

Jann Wenner


Table 68

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Brill

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Deaver


Table 70

Gen. & Mrs. William Westmoreland

Barbara Walters

William Ginsburg


Table 76

Isaac Mizrahi

Mark Morris

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Pakula


Table 77

Mr. & Mrs. Lou Dobbs

Dick Morris

Ed Rollins

Mr. & Mrs. George Plimpton


Table 83

Leni Riefenstahl

Lisa Caputo

Katrina van den Heuvel

Jason Epstein

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