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Man Arrested in Parcel Blast That Killed Boy

March 21, 1998|From Associated Press

FAIR HAVEN, Vt. — A man was arrested Friday in Indiana in connection with a package explosion that killed a 17-year-old boy and seriously wounded his mother at their home, the FBI said.

Chris William Dean of Pierceton, Ind., was arrested on charges of transportation of explosives in interstate commerce with the intent to kill or injure, and willfully placing or causing to be placed on an aircraft a destructive device.

The FBI did not release any other information.

Chris Marquis was killed Thursday when an out-of-state package delivered to his home by United Parcel Service exploded in his hands. His mother, Sheila Rockwell, 52, was seriously wounded.

Authorities were investigating whether any of his high-tech hobbies contributed to his death.

Neighbors and office workers had complained that Marquis interfered with their phone lines with his CB radio. Others claimed the teenager, whose CB handle was "Psycho," ripped them off through Internet deals for CB equipment.

State and federal authorities were looking into at least four messages posted on the Internet that refer to financial deals that apparently went sour between Marquis and several CB equipment buyers. One message even lists Marquis' home address.

"If I find someone to pay the two-way airfare, I will go there and collect everyone's money back and give him some severe dental problems to deal with," reads one message from an America Online user.

"Are you listening, Chris?? When you see a 6 foot 5 inch dark haired man at your door, you look out 'cause I will be about to drop the maul . . . on you[r] noggin dude."

Another online vendor encouraged customers to buy his CB equipment by promising to be honest, "not like that Chris Marquis."

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