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SuperLotto Winner Claims Winnings


After a day of silence, the lone winner of Wednesday's $10-million jackpot stepped forward early Thursday to claim his winnings.

Winner Jacques Nash, 28, of Oxnard, a married welder with children, and his wife have been frequent Lotto players for several years.

On Sunday he bought nine tickets for Wednesday's drawing. He purchased the tickets at an Oxnard 7-Eleven store on Channel Islands Boulevard, near Rice Avenue.

The winning numbers were a combination of the ages and birth dates of family members.

Nash will receive 26 annual payments that escalate over time. They will begin with a payment of $250,000, before 28% tax is applied, and conclude with a final before-tax payment of $510,000.

Officials say Nash apparently worked all day Thursday, then stopped by a liquor store on his way home to pick up a copy of the winning numbers.

He didn't think much about them, but when he got home he checked, officials said. The numbers matched.

"His first reaction, of course, was disbelief," local lottery spokesman Stephen Greund said. "Once he realized it was a winning ticket, he couldn't sleep, he couldn't do anything."

It was too late to claim his winnings.

But Nash was out in front of the lottery office Friday at 8:30 a.m., a half hour before it opened.

The only problem, he couldn't find his driver license to prove who he was.

He finally found it. His first payment should arrive in three to six weeks, officials said.

Wednesday's local win means Ventura County has sold more winning SuperLotto tickets this year than any other county in the state.

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