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Otherwise, Dodgers Are Solid

May 09, 1998

So, here it is, May again, and I can't help but notice some familiar patterns:

The Braves are still good, and the Dodgers are still bad.

Ismael Valdes still pitches like a nervous Little Leaguer.

Raul Mondesi still swings at everything.

There's still no left-handed power in the Dodger lineup (how could that issue have possibly gone unaddressed in the off-season?)

They're still missing two-thirds of an outfield, their starting pitching is still overrated, they're still overmatched by any starter with an ERA under five, and Fred Claire still thinks he knows what he's doing.

However, there is one new thing. The emotionless, uninspiring "Del" Russell has achieved new levels of incompetence.

SNEAKY SIMS, Los Angeles


On April 7, Mike Piazza turned down a contract in the $80-million range. On May 3, he is quoted: "I know I have shortcomings behind the plate, and I know I'm not going to bring back visions of Johnny Bench. I'm not as quick or talented as Charles Johnson or Pudge Rodriguez, and I wouldn't ever try to put myself in that class, because I know I'm not there."

What's wrong with this picture? Hey, Mike, listen to your own words. Sign now before your new owner wakes up.


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