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Governor: The Issues

November 01, 1998


Gray Davis

* HMOs: Favors outside review of contested HMO cases by independent physicians within 30 days. Would allow patients to sue HMOs and HMO decision-makers for malpractice.

* HIV: Supports additional funding for HIV/AIDS research and extending Medi-Cal eligibility to low-income, asymptomatic people with HIV infection.

* Abortion: Favors abortion rights; opposes requiring parental consent for minors.

* Insurance: Supports expanding Healthy Families Program for uninsured children of working poor.

Dan Lungren

* HMOs: Favors timely external review of most medical procedures when denial by an HMO is contested. Supports a patient's right to sue HMOs for malpractice.

* HIV: Supports prevention pro grams and public-private partnerships over publicly funded programs for HIV/AIDS patients.

* Abortion: Opposes abortion except in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother. Believes minors should obtain parental consent for abortions.

* Insurance: Wants to keep current parameters of Healthy Families Program.


Gray Davis

* Death penalty: Supports the death penalty.

* Guns Would ban Saturday night specials and assault weapons and require child safety locks on all guns.

* Three strikes: Supports current three-strikes law; originally supported a three-strikes measure favored by the California District Attorneys Assn. that would have required the third strike be a violent felony.

* Sentences: Favors longer prison terms for selling drugs to juveniles. Supports early intervention for juvenile drug abusers.

* Judges: Vows to appoint judges who 'will be tough-minded; but fair."

Dan Lundgren

Dan Lundgren

* Death penalty: Supports the death penalty.

* Guns: Supports waiting periods and background checks for gun buyers.

* Three strikes: Was one of original supporters of current three-strikes law.

* Sentences: Supports tougher sentences and more prison construction. Supports '10-20-life' law that adds time to sentences for those convicted of using a firearm in the commission of certain felonies.

* Judges: Believes 'government's first duty is public safety." Vows to appoint judges 'who recognize the rights of crime victims."


Gray Davis

* Standards: Says his top priority is to "dramatically improve our public schools." Vows to raise standards and require annual school evaluations.

* Teachers: Supports financial incentives to retain experienced teachers.

* Vouchers: Opposes school vouchers but would reconsider if other policies fail after four years.

* Propositions: Supports Proposition 1A, the statewide school bond measure. Opposes Proposition 8, a proposal to reshape oversight of schools. Would lower threshold of local school bond passage from two thirds of electorate to simple majority.

Dan Lundgren

* Standards: Supports local control and accountability of schools through parent councils.

* Teachers: Advocates merit pay and competency tests for teachers and differential pay for math and science teachers.

* Vouchers: Supports school vouchers, has stated he would press for voucher legislation or a voucher initiative, if elected.

* Propositions: Supports Propositions 1A and 8. Would lower threshold of local school bond passage from two-thirds of electorate to 60%.


Gray Davis

* Preservation: Supports permanent ban on logging of old-growth forests. Believes urban sprawl must be stopped and land preserved for agricultural use. Co-authored state Oil Spill Prevention and Response Act after the Exxon Valdez disaster.

* Offshore drilling: Supports permanent ban on offshore oil drilling.

* Clean air: Favors the development of affordable alternative technologies to promote clean air and protect state's economic viability. Supports state mandate that 10% of cars sold by major auto makers by 2003 be zero-emission cars.

* Radioactive waste: Opposes construction of radioactive waste dump in Ward Valley in Mojave Desert.

Dan Lundgren

* Preservation: Believes California Environmental Quality Act consistently has been misused; supports reform. Calls for flexible" regulatory system that balances protecting the environment and helping the economy grow. Favors economic incentives for business to meet environmental standards instead of government regulation.

* Offshore drilling: Supports existing federal ban on offshore oil drilling but voted in Congress to oppose a permanent moratorium.

* Clean air: Would make zero-emission car mandate voluntary.

* Radioactive waste: Supports construction of radioactive waste dump in Ward Valley.


Gray Davis

* Supply: Believes a peripheral canal around the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is unlikely because it would lack voter support. As an alternative, supports tax credits for farmers to invest in water conservation technologies, such as drip irrigation.

* Technology: Supports investing in new technologies to achieve most efficient use of water resources.

* Recycling: Favors efforts to recapture agricultural runoff.

Dan Lundgren

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