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The Sugar Demon

November 02, 1998

Here are the results of a survey of 720 parents with children ages 2 to 13 on oral hygiene and Halloween:

* 69% said candy / trick-or-treating is the first thing their children think of in relation to Halloween.

* 64% said that in relation to their children's teeth, Halloween is the holiday that most concerns them.

* 71% said they encourage their children to brush their teeth more often around Halloween.

* 48% perceive boys as being more difficult to get to brush their teeth; 22% said girls are more difficult.

* 67% said brushing is the most important daily activity for kids to foster good oral health; followed by eating nutritious meals, 29%; and limiting snacks, 3%.

A related statistic shows that the average American consumes 25 1/2 pounds of candy each year.

Source: Oral-B "Trick-or-Teeth" survey, September 1998

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