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Stress SOS

Feeling Tense? A Few Simple Steps Can Make the Load Seem Lighter

November 02, 1998

Just let go--of stress. Too much stress can become distress and can lead to health problems over time. Learning to manage stress may help you feel more in control.

Here are a few suggestions:

* Give yourself permission to manage your stress. It's smart, not selfish, to do so.

* Visit people and places you enjoy. Relax with your family.

* Rethink old habits. Ask yourself: Must this task be done so often? Is there a better way to do it?

* Manage your money wisely. Design a budget you can live with.

* Learn to say no to unreasonable requests, such as being asked to plan your family reunion every year.

* Create free time. Take your lunch breaks. Trade baby-sitting services with other parents.

Source: StayWell Co.

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