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It's the (Romance) Story of Your Life : A Publisher Offers to Customize Bodice Rippers With Personal Details

November 02, 1998|BOOTH MOORE

Tired of meaningless sex, empty liaisons and tawdry affairs? Leaving today's headlines aside, you can put the romance back in your life with personalized romance novels.

You know the story: Girl meets boy, girl hates boy--no wait! Now she thinks she loves him. Swan Publishing's personalized novels build on that formula, except this time the hero and the heroine have names and traits chosen by the customer.

Imagine . . .

When HIS NAME's lips finally closed upon hers, desire tumbled through HER NAME like a river tumbles through rapids. The prim schoolteacher became the ragged sheriff's pupil as HIS NAME taught from passion's fiery primer. And so quickly did she learn. . . .

Five story lines are available, three contemporary and two historical. The latest title, "Love Notes," features a country music star as the hero and a heroine who makes a major life decision based on one of his songs.

A variety of levels allow customers to decide how much information to include. (Bill Clinton, watch out!) The Keepsake edition includes only the names of the hero and heroine, while the top-of-the-line Jubilee edition comes with an epilogue of juicy details about the lovers' early lives.

Buyers can also choose the sensuality level. There's a G-rated Candlelit level and a PG-rated Burning Embers level.

"But we leave the R and NC material up to the real hero and heroine," Swan Publishing's Evelyn Brown says. "Swan provides all, and only, the romance."

Personalized romance novels, $49-$295; (800) 535-SWAN.

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