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Dear Readers:

November 02, 1998

To make room for several new features in Southern California Living--the crossword puzzle, the bridge column and The Kids' Reading Room--we had to make several changes to our comics, reducing the number from 46 to 43. Here's the lineup, effective today:

* Rugrats has been dropped, and Garfield moves to The Kids' Reading Room, a page designed for our younger readers.

* Free For All has been dropped.

* Apt. 3-G has been dropped. Because Apt. 3-G's current story line does not wrap up until mid-December, starting Nov. 9 and each Monday we will run a summary of the previous week's strip until the story line concludes.

On Saturday, comics will run in the Calendar section along with the crossword puzzle, bridge and horoscope.

We're very aware of the special relationship you have with the funnies; my apologies for any inconvenience these changes may cause.

Michelle Williams

Editor, Southern California Living

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