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They Said It

November 04, 1998

Resignation statements by Northridge Athletic Director Paul Bubb and Senior Associate Athletic Director Judith Brame on Tuesday:

"As information about Michael Abraham has been reviewed over the past week by the university, my judgment has been questioned in regards to confidential information I received from student-athletes in February 1997. All of the information I was given, which included suspicion about drug use, was treated with the confidentiality in which the student-athletes brought it to me and with a very serious approach to finding out as much factual information as was possible. While I found some of the issues the student-athletes brought to me to be true and I addressed those issues with Coach Abraham, I did not have information presented to me during my review which could confirm drug use by Coach Abraham. My review included speaking to members of the athletic department staff, student-athletes, and senior members of the Oregon State athletic department. Nonetheless, I confronted Coach Abraham and asked if he was using drugs and he denied the allegation. I considered the matter closed and did not forward any further information to the Vice President or President.

At this time, I have decided to leave Cal State Northridge. I have given my best to the university and leave confident in my mind that the decisions I have made as athletic director were in the best interest of the athletic department and the university.

To those who have expressed their support for me during this time, I appreciate your kind thoughts. To the university and community, I wish to express my sincere wishes that this university be allowed to develop its athletic program to its fullest potential, and that everyone work towards that common goal."

--Paul Bubb


"Because I care deeply about Cal State Northridge athletics and my effectiveness in this area, I have concluded that it is in the best interest of the program for me to resign my administrative responsibilities.

"My various roles in the athletic program for the past 24 years have constituted the major part of my professional career, and I have found it rewarding. I look forward to returning to my academic career."

--Judith Brame

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