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November Planting Guide

November 07, 1998|JULIE BAWDEN DAVIS

November is the final busy month in the garden until early spring. Although some days are chilly and overcast, many are warm, sunny and perfect for gardening. This is a good month to clean up the garden; add collected debris to the compost pile. A wide variety of cool-season vegetables and flowers thrive in November weather, including the following:


* Alyssum; aster; bachelor's button; begonia; bromeliad; calendula; California poppy; carnation; chrysanthemum; cyclamen; delphinium; English primrose; forget-me-not; foxglove; geranium; Iceland poppy; impatiens; flowering kale; lantana; larkspur; lupine; nasturtium; nemesia; pansy; scabiosa; snapdragon; schizanthus; stock; sweet pea; sweet violet; viola; and wildflowers.


* Artichoke; arugula; asparagus; beet; broccoli; Brussels sprouts; cabbage; carrot; cauliflower; celery; cress; endive; garlic; horseradish; kale; kohlrabi; leek; lettuce; mustard greens; onion; parsnip; pea; potato; radish; rhubarb; rutabaga; salsify; spinach; strawberry; Swiss chard; and turnip.

Bulbs & Tubers

* Allium; anemone; calla lily; crocus (pre-chilled 8 weeks); daffodil; Dutch iris; freesia; gladiolus; grape hyacinth; hyacinth (pre-chilled 8 weeks); lily; muscari; narcissus; ranunculus; scilla; tulip (pre-chilled 8 weeks); and watsonia.


* Bay laurel; chamomile; chervil; chive; cilantro; dill; fennel; mint; oregano; parsley; rosemary; sage; salad burnet; sweet marjoram; winter savory; and thyme.

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