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VALLEY ROUNDUP | Lake View Terrace

Gas Revenues to Fund Pair of City Projects

November 07, 1998|HOLLY EDWARDS

City revenues from a methane gas conversion program at Lopez Canyon Landfill will be split between two projects: the closing of three other landfills and operation of a proposed environmental education center.

The methane gas-to-electricity conversion system should be completed late this year or in early 1999, said Steve Fortune, manager of the city's Solid Resources Engineering and Construction Division.

The methane gas is generated by landfill decomposition. When completed, the conversion system will use the methane gas to power turbines to generate electricity.

About $300,000 in city revenues will be created by sale of the electricity and the city's lease of the methane gas collection system to a private company that will handle the electricity conversion.

On Friday, the Los Angeles City Council directed the city attorney to establish two special funds to use the revenues for operation of the Hansen Dam Environmental Awareness Center and the three landfill closures.

Half of the those revenues will help operate the environmental awareness center, to be built in the wing of a new library for the Pacoima and Lake View Terrace areas.

The other half will pay for the closure of the Branford and Sheldon-Arleta landfills in Sun Valley and the Gaffey Street Landfill in San Pedro.

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