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Heads of Horror

November 08, 1998

The photo you published in "My Best Shot" (Travel Horrors, Oct. 18) was horrific. I feel it was insensitive and disgusting. Please choose photos wisely; try not to get pictures of dead little pigs' heads. At the least, this was very tasteless. How about some headhunters working their wonders on human heads? Wait, how about some cows being skinned alive for leather? Sickening! I realize that food is an everyday thing, and some food is from pigs, but what was the purpose of printing this shot?


West Hollywood

I usually love perusing the Travel section, but when I came across your selected photo in "My Best Shot" today, I was completely horrified. I find the photo revolting. It would seem that eating a nice Sunday breakfast over the paper might not be such a good idea in the future.


Los Angeles

The photo you printed in today's Travel section was repulsive, totally insensitive and offensive. What's next? People eating dogs? Geese being force-fed? This is as good as you get for a "best shot"? Terrible choice on your part, and finding the photo without realizing at first what it was, was an ugly experience.


Manhattan Beach

I had such a nice morning: the Farmers Market, fresh flowers and produce, went to the gym, came home, put on some classical music and sat down to read the Sunday Times. And then I saw that travel photo you admired enough to print--the severed heads of pigs on a table.

If you've no respect for animals, at least have enough respect for the readers of The Times who do. It's enough to read about the horrible abuse animals suffer in the other sections of the paper. There is absolutely no reason at all to invade someone's travel dreams with such a grotesque, horrible photo.


North Hollywood

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