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B&B Values

November 08, 1998

Regarding the letter from M.C. Gomme ("B&B Wake-Up Call," Aug. 2): The reader warns U.S. and Canadian B&B owners that their prices are too high compared to Irish B&Bs. Did she consider that property values in Ireland are much lower than those in the U.S. and Canada?

Even those innkeepers charging $180 are not ripping off their guests but merely making a decent living. Having just stayed at an English B&B that might be considered economy ($85 for three of us), trust me: The little things that the American public demands, such as washcloths, snack service during the day, tissues in the room, parking, suitcase racks, private bath and a shower on the same floor as the room, were not available.


Co-Executive Director

Professional Assn. of

Innkeepers International

Santa Barbara

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