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Sleeping on the Job

November 09, 1998

Next time your boss catches you with your eyes closed, tell him or her you're doing it for the good of the company. You have sleep researchers to back you up--really. Researchers cite the "midday trough"--the period between 1 and 4 p.m.--when people lose energy and fall sleepy, says HealthScout, an online health news service. Many countries in Europe and South America build a leisurely lunch and a rest into their business schedules. But in the U.S.? Dream on.

To Bungee Jump or Not to Bungee Jump

Before taking a flying leap, think about this: A study by the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee reported in Physician and Sportsmedicine found that out of 100 bungee jumpers, 49 immediate physical complaints were recorded. All but three symptoms subsided within two days, says the December issue of Muscle & Fitness, but by the second day after testing, 10 new complaints of pain were reported, including discomfort in the ankle, abdomen and back.

Talking on the Phone and Driving Don't Mix

Using a car phone while maneuvering the roadway may be hazardous to our health, according to a story on HealthScout, an online health news service. Auto safety studies have found that people who do the phone-car thing have as many accidents as drunken drivers. Whew. At least cell phones haven't been found to cause brain cancer--yet--as some people thought. Cancer experts confirm that the rate of brain cancers has been rising worldwide, but no one has linked the increase to a cause. Nothing suggests conclusively that cell phones cause health problems beyond an occasional stiff neck.

The Best Way to Shed Those Pounds

Finally. A guaranteed, sure-fire way to lose weight without working out. All you have to do is move--to another planet or to the moon. According to the December issue of Fitness magazine, if you are 125 pounds on Earth, you'd be 110 on Venus, 47 1/2 on Mars, 46 1/4 on Mercury and 20 on the moon. So . . . start packing.

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