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Parking Compromise Means Go-Ahead for Gym

November 10, 1998|EDWARD M. YOON

After consensus about the number of parking spaces required, approval was granted Monday for an upscale gym in the northwest Valley.

Albert Landini, associate zoning administrator for the Department of City Planning, approved a zone variance for the Spectrum Club Fitness Center allowing fewer parking spots. The club must provide 322 parking spaces for the 52,000-square-foot facility, to be built on the corner of Prairie Street and Corbin Avenue in Northridge.

There was no opposition to the revised parking standards.

In its original request, Spectrum sought to provide 260 parking spaces. The request was rejected by Councilman Hal Bernson, said Rob Glushon, the attorney representing the Sports Club Co., the Los Angeles-based parent of Spectrum.

Bernson asked Spectrum to comply with the city's parking requirement of one spot for every 100 square feet of building space, or 520 spots.

At the hearing at the Sherman Oaks Woman's Club, Glushon argued that 520 is too many for Spectrum, which will house an Olympic-size swimming pool, a basketball court and other facilities that require a lot of space.

Glushon said Bernson asked the Sports Club Co. to recalculate, with the understanding that the club could use different parking criteria for its basketball court, pool and other lower-use areas, and the company compromised at 322.

Bill Weatherby, director of acquisition at the Sports Club Co., said the approval paves the way for construction of the new facility, slated to open in January 2000.

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