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School Draws on Its Own for Tutoring

November 10, 1998|NANCY FORREST

Frank Intermediate School has launched a new peer tutoring program that matches high-achieving students with classmates struggling with everything from math to English-speaking skills.

So far, 15 students have signed contracts to serve as peer tutors twice a week for eight weeks, Assistant Principal Art Barragan said.

Student Miriam Cervantes, 13, said she looks forward to being a tutor.

"I think it will be good to help other students learn to write better and speak English better," she said. "Before joining this program, I had never tutored anyone my own age. It was mostly kindergartners."

Fellow student Jazmine Perez also is looking forward to helping others.

"I became involved with the program to help bilingual students understand more English so they can learn more," said Perez, 14. "We will be helping them with reading, writing and mathematics."

In return for their community service, the peer tutors receive incentives such as a graduation gown, yearbook, T-shirt and tickets to Magic Mountain amusement park.

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