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South L.A. Sewer System Reconstruction OKd

November 11, 1998

LOS ANGELES — The City Council has approved the initial phases of a $250-million sewer for South Los Angeles to prevent spills.

The council action caps nearly 10 years of debate in the city over how to deal with the aging sewer lines that have caused spills and overflows.

South L.A. was particularly affected last year when heavy rains caused sewage to gush through intersections, even backing up into a church's baptismal pool and a school.

Under the plan approved Tuesday, the North Outfall Sewer--East Central Interceptor Sewer will rehabilitate a 13-mile sewer line more than 70 years old.

But Councilman Nate Holden has been pushing for another alternative over the objections of his colleagues, Mark Ridley-Thomas and Rita Walters, whose districts also are affected.

Scores of residents in the area have urged the council to repair the sewer, and Santa Monica BayKeeper, an environmental group, filed a federal lawsuit Monday seeking to force the city to properly maintain its sewer system.

The sewer project is from about 4th Street and Mission Road to Jefferson Boulevard and Rodeo Road.

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