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Know Your Meds

November 11, 1998

Your nose is strawberry red; you've gone through so much tissue that your friends and co-workers wonder if you're addicted, and over-the-counter allergy medication just isn't cutting it. Your mom just started using a prescription allergy drug, and she offers you one. Do you dare?

No, of course not. All drugs--over-the-counter and prescription--can have harmful effects if used the wrong way. Keep these precautions in mind:

* Know what each medicine is for, and how and when to take it. Follow instructions, and never take someone else's.

* Tell your doctor and pharmacist what other medications you are taking.

* Know about side effects and when to call the doctor.

* Don't use illegal drugs. (Do we really need to tell you this?) They can lead to health problems, such as addiction, AIDS and hepatitis.

Source: StayWell Co.

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