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Cal Lutheran Weighs Facilities Upgrade

November 13, 1998|MICHAEL GOTTLIEB

Cal Lutheran University wants to renovate and replace sports venues and other facilities, a spokeswoman said Thursday.

While there is no official price tag for the total plan, it includes spending about $40 million to build a new athletics center, with a gymnasium, aquatics center and football fields.

The master plan also includes building a new residence hall for students and clustering new classroom facilities on the southern half of the campus.

This year, one portion of the plan was completed, with the opening of the Soiland Humanities Center in February. However, the timeline for completion of the master plan is dependent on raising the funds necessary for completion. The university is targeting 2014.

Carol Keochekian, senior director of university relations, said the university is seeking community involvement. "It is very important to make people aware of what our plans are," she said. "We have always been a community center. In a sense, we belong to the community. It is important that we talk with our neighbors because we are neighbors."

Keochekian said that after repeated discussions with the approximately 800 homeowners around Cal Lutheran, the university decided to change its plans for the athletic facilities on the north side of Olsen Road in order to move the planned football field away from nearby homes.

"I think there is a realization on the part of the community of the value of CLU," she said. "Having a university is a real jewel in the crown of any city."

Any service club or group that would like to schedule a presentation of the master plan can call (805) 493-3151.

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