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Residents Protest Alleged Inaction by Zoning Agency

November 13, 1998

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES — About 70 residents from South-Central to the San Fernando Valley staged a protest Thursday against the city Zoning Department for failing to help curb crime and prostitution in their neighborhoods.

Protesters said that in spite of repeated complaints filed against motels that allegedly cater to prostitutes and liquor stores that let clients drink on the premises, the Zoning Department does not thoroughly investigate the businesses or take action against them.

The Zoning Department "can start by threatening them, putting conditions on them, on notice, but they don't even do that," said Solomon Rivera, a spokesman for the residents.

"They send their investigators out, but not when nuisance activity is taking place," said Mike Moore of South-Central.

"They go out between 9 a.m to 5 p.m. If I'm a prostitute or I want to do my illegal activity, I might not do them during the daylight hours."

A secretary from the Zoning Department said no one was available to comment.

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