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Top Deadbeat Dad Put on Payment Plan

November 14, 1998

LOS ANGELES — A man who topped the Los Angeles County district attorney's list of deadbeat parents because he allegedly owed his ex-wife $111,000 in child support was ordered this week to begin making the payments by December.

A court commissioner ordered Charles Donald Powell on Thursday to make $1,200 monthly payments to Debbie Powell, as well as $5,000 payments in December and June.

Powell must return to court Feb. 4 to determine whether he has complied.

Powell, 50, of San Clemente, refused to say whether he would make the payments.

"This case is not about child support. It's about stalking," he said. "My ex-wife stalked us, made death threats against my new wife. It's a horrible situation."

The former couple, who had two sons together, have been divorced for about 13 years.

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