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Neighbors Host Lunch to Thank Police Officers

November 14, 1998

LOS ANGELES — Friday the 13th was a lucky day for 400 Los Angeles Police officers who staff the Rampart Station. Community members showed their appreciation by treating station personnel to a feast.

At roll call, the Rampart Booster Assn. served bagels and hamburgers. At lunch, the officers got a barbecue.

"Lunch is what I eat on the hood of my car between radio calls," said Officer Steve Meagher as he carried a plate of barbecued chicken and chili.

For Officer Jeannine Flores, "Lunch is usually a quick drive through McDonald's."

A banner hanging outside the station said: "We Love the Men and Women of Rampart Station." Blue ribbons were tied on trees along the streets that the officers patrol.

Cathy Lee, the booster association's president, lives on the Westside but owns property near MacArthur Park--a tough hangout for drug dealers and transients.

About three years ago, Lee said, she couldn't get past the dozens of drug dealers who would congregate in front of her property. Then she began working with police to make the area safe. "The difference has been like night and day," she said.

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