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November 15, 1998

* Re "California's Primary Blues," editorial, Nov. 8:

Perhaps the political pros need to have their hearing checked. First the two major parties attempt to self-destruct over sexual peccadilloes and the voters resoundingly tell them to "quit it," then they have the stupid audacity to tell us that if we don't change the laws of California (with respect to an open primary) to match their rules, they won't let us play. Well, I would like to point out two things.

First, there are other parties, and over the years dominant parties have disappeared (who remembers the Whig Party, or "Tippecanoe and Tyler too"?). Second, if one party chooses to listen, then it will have a huge advantage in the election because its candidate will re- flect the true will of the people.

Or perhaps it's time to return to the original concept behind the Electoral College and vote for unbound electors who will vote their consciences. But I, for one, am out of patience.


Santa Monica

* It was suggested that the political parties might solve the Proposition 3 fiasco by balloting for delegates by mail.

If you had said e-mail you would have a winner.


Redondo Beach

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