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November 15, 1998

The article titled "Remains of the Day" (Oct. 16, Travel Horrors issue) regarding the Crypt of the Skulls in Rome brought back an amusing incident.

After a long day of visiting countless churches, our tour guide, Father Tom Meersman, announced that this would be our last visit for the day but didn't announce where we were headed. With that, my friend Peter blurted: "I swear, if I visit one more church, I think I will die." You can well imagine the expression on his face and on ours as we entered the Crypt of the Skulls.



Let me be sure I fully understand the story "Robbed Blind" in the Travel Horrors issue: K.E.S. Kirby falls asleep in the Bangkok Airport with $5,000 in cash in her purse, but then goes on the offense when it is stolen. An American Express representative is "decidedly bovine," and a bank that doesn't respond to her satisfaction is sent "a blistering letter."

Not once does Kirby suggest that falling asleep on the floor of the Bangkok Airport might have blown her chances for getting into Mensa. Has she never heard of ATMs, money belts or traveler's checks?


Hermosa Beach

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