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Plane Panic

November 15, 1998

For those of us who've experienced "road rage" on the highway, having recently flown from JFK to LAX, let me offer some equivalent terms you can use when flying the friendly skies. How about "plane panic" or "flight fury?"

When you come aboard and you're a "senior," the cabin crew, standing in first class, offer you a weak smile and no help as they watch you drag your carry-on bag down the aisle toward your seat in the rear. Flight fury!

Those who board first grab the bin space and stow huge carry-on luggage that should have been checked. There's no room for the real carry-ons of those who board later. Flight fury!

In flight, don't click your "help" button. The crew and their current pals are congregated in the rear, blocking toilets, partying and ignoring call lights. Flight fury!

On arrival, when the pilot says "Stay seated with seat belts on," watch the rapid risers who fill the aisles, drag luggage out of bins and then stand around, looking to be the first down to the exits and out. Watch your head for falling bags and suitcases. Flight fury!

It doesn't happen every time. But it does happen--too often.


Sherman Oaks

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