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He Dropped Vices Along With Extra Pounds

November 16, 1998|JUNE P. GOMEZ JR.

I began to keep myself in shape when I was in college. I played basketball with friends, spent hours briskly walking around the campus and enrolled in a weightlifting class. I tried to be conscious of what I ate and was successful in doing away with snacks in between meals.

But all my efforts went down the drain. I slowly gained weight at the start of my sophomore year when I started to drink beer almost every night. Beer for me then was a very effective appetizer. Just months before graduation day, I weighed 200 pounds, from my original weight of 155 pounds.

I was hooked on beer and cigarettes. I felt hopeless with my situation when a health problem jolted me to my senses. My doctor warned me that my weight and vices made me a prime candidate for a heart attack. I was horrified by the thought of being paralyzed, or, worse, dead at a very young age.

After days of soul searching, I decided to wage war against my weight, against beer and, most of all, against smoking. I knew it was not an easy task. But with discipline and determination, I slowly made progress and ultimately came out a victor.

My weight-reduction program started with a radical change in my daily menu. I started to eat cereal, fruit and juice for breakfast, a roast beef sandwich and water for lunch, and fruit and water for dinner. I also took a daily dose of multivitamins.

At the same time, I was also winning my fight against beer and cigarettes. I was losing weight, and at the same time I was saving money. My most stubborn opponent was the cigarette. At first, I had an on-and-off battle with this habit. But common sense prevailed.

Why inhale carbon monoxide? Why waste your hard-earned money on something harmful to your health? I kept asking these questions until I quit once and for all. The initial effect of ending my affair with the cigarette sent me into bouts of colds and coughs. This went on for almost a month with my not taking any medicine but water.

I am feeling great. I am praying that with my diet, I'll be able to maintain my current weight of 165 pounds for good. I always bear in mind that nothing is impossible to achieve with a determined heart. Remember, the will to enjoy life to its fullest is worthless if you don't have the will to stay fit.


Vital Statistics

Name: June P. Gomez Jr.

Age: 29

Occupation: Office employee

Old Weight: 200 pounds

New Weight: 165 pounds

Height: 5 feet, 9 inches

Time to Get There: Three months

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