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Cable TV Panel Holds 1st Planning Session

November 17, 1998|MARINA MALIKOFF

City leaders on Monday held the first of six planning sessions to identify community needs and interests for Ventura's cable television system.

The planning sessions are expected to help city officials hammer out new contracts with Century Communications Corp. and Avenue TV Cable.

Monday's session started with an overview of the cable franchise renewal process by cable consultant Sue Buske. Sessions today and Wednesday will focus on such issues as education, social services and community councils.

"The sessions give the public a chance to see what the options are and to say what they want to have in the future," Buske said Monday.

Seven people showed up for the afternoon business session, including midtown business owner Suz Montgomery.

Montgomery, who is also a city parks and recreation commissioner, said she was most interested in discussing the potential of cable television to enhance her business, but was disappointed by Buske's lengthy presentation before the brainstorming session.

"I wanted more visioning and less rhetoric," she said. "I felt I was being sold."

For more information on the workshops, call Jenise Wagar at 658-4730.

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