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The Truth About 'Fosse'


They jump and jive. They rock and roll. They huff and puff. And in a single performance of "Fosse: A Celebration in Song and Dance," 37 dancers grind out 925 pelvic bumps.

We did the math. Really.

Of course, the three dozen hoofers are, collectively, one singular sensation, as they pack 'em in at the Ahmanson Theatre at the downtown Music Center in the bop-till-you-drop tribute to choreographer Bob Fosse.

Here are other "Fosse" facts:

* 3,456 towels--to wipe away the sweat between numbers--will be used by the cast during the show's engagement.

* In a week, 18 women and two guys wipe out 40 pairs of tights, worn in only a third of the show; a cast member holds the record by going through six tights in one show.

* 1,000 costume garments are laundered weekly.

* 120 loads of laundry are washed and dried, fluffed and folded.

* 800 Advil tablets are popped weekly.

* Four of the dancers--Valarie Pettiford, Jane Lanier, Kim Morgan Greene and Dana Moore--worked with Fosse and are known as the "Fosse Girls."

"Fosse" plays through Dec. 6 at the Ahmanson, 135 N. Grand Ave, Los Angeles. For tickets ($22.50 to $65), call (213) 628-2772.

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