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Princess Diana's Biographer to Work on Lewinsky Book

November 17, 1998| Reuters

NEW YORK — Monica S. Lewinsky and Princess Diana's biographer have agreed to collaborate on a book about Lewinsky's sexual affair with President Clinton, St. Martin's Press said Monday.

St. Martin's declined to disclose the value of the book deal, but the New York Post quoted sources as saying it is in the seven-figure range.

The working title is "Monica's Story by Andrew Morton," and it may be on book shelves in February, St. Martin's spokesman John Murphy said. Andrew Morton is the British author whose 1992 book revealed Princess Diana's unhappiness with Prince Charles and the Royal family.

Lewinsky's affair with Clinton has threatened his presidency amid accusations that he committed perjury and obstructed justice in trying to conceal their relationship.

ABC News said Monday that Barbara Walters will conduct the first interview with Lewinsky, expected to air early next year on the program "20/20." The date will be determined by the resolution of pending legal issues involving Lewinsky's ability to speak publicly about her relationship with Clinton.

Under Lewinsky's agreement of immunity from prosecution, independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr must approve any TV interview.

Morton became Princess Diana's official biographer when he secretly received tapes from her. His book, "Diana: Her True Story," became a bestseller when it was published in 1992.

Meanwhile, the House Judiciary Committee is expected to release tape-recorded conversations between Lewinsky and ex-friend Linda Tripp this morning. Television, radio and computer Web sites will play excerpts from the 37 tapes, and some news organizations plan on playing the tapes in their entirety throughout the day.

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