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November 18, 1998

The world of business affects our lives in many ways, from how we buy food at our local grocery to the way our clothes are made and how much they cost. Learning how businesses work can help you make informed decisions as a consumer as well as help you achieve success in your profession. Explore the world of business through the direct links on The Times Launch Point Web site:

Level 1

Lemonade Stand: Being an entrepreneur and having your own business can be a lot of fun and work. Try running your own virtual lemonade stand and learn about the responsibilities that come with being the boss and making decisions.

IPL Auto Tour: Going to the Top? Do you have what it takes to run a company? Try out your business smarts by managing your own manufacturing plant and making decisions regarding products, location and personnel.

Yahooligans Kids' Almanac: Business and Technology: Gillie boys, loblollies and powder monkeys were some of the jobs held by kids a hundred years ago. Learn some interesting facts about the history of business including how jobs change over time and how your family name may reveal your ancestors' work history.


Level 2

Fleet Kids: Starting your own business requires determining expenses, setting goals and creating a plan. Try some fun interactive games that let you run your own business, including how to read newspapers to help you make business decisions.

What Is Marketing? Marketing consists of research, advertising, packaging and selling, and it can make or break a business. Find out what it takes to market a product successfully and why marketing is important to us as consumers.

The Noodlehead Network: Read about this Vermont-based company that produces and markets award-winning educational videotapes created by kids.


Level 3

Intervision: Youth Business Online: Whether it's discovering the top 10 mistakes that entrepreneurs make or getting advice from business experts, this site provides many valuable resources for young entrepreneurs.

The U.S. Web100 by Industries: From advertising and aerospace to waste management and wholesalers, learn about America's leading corporations on the web through company profiles, news and financial information.

Business Owner's Handbook: How do you start your own business? Find out through this step-by-step manual that guides you through business plans, financing, marketing, hiring and more, including how to evaluate your chances for success.


EXPLORER'S QUEST: What are the two most common reasons why businesses don't succeed?

CLUE: See Business Owner's Handbook

Find What You Need to Know: Have a project on California history? Need help doing a math problem? Launch Point now covers more than 50 topics for getting your schoolwork done. Go to for the full list of subjects and direct links to the best Internet sites.

Answer to last week's Quest: Yankee and Sequoia

Launch Point is produced by the UC Irvine department of education, which reviews each site for appropriateness and quality. Even so, parents should supervise their children's use of the Internet. This column was designed by Abigail Ibarra, Belle Nam, Chia-Shuei Hsu and Anna Manring.

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