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Postcards From the Edge

November 19, 1998

No evening of clubbing is complete without returning home with a handful of fliers.

They come at you from every direction--the musician at the bar, the club promoter at the door. They're even stuck to your car windshield.

From homespun band photos to sophisticated graphic designs, these little promotional pieces of cardboard are quickly becoming souvenirs of memorable nights out or, if you're lucky, sought-after relics of L.A.'s local music history. Calendar Live! explores this postcard phenomenon and shows you some of the more popular keepsakes.

Turkey Takeout

Not going home for the holidays? Don't feel like cooking this year? Give thanks online with Calendar Live!'s long list of top restaurants serving both traditional turkey dinners and more exotic Thanksgiving feasts.

In Step With the Holidays

From the Hollywood Christmas Parade to Pasadena's Tournament of Roses Parade, Calendar Live! highlights all of the festivities, large and small, that will be marching through the Southland.

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