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November 22, 1998

What a Pig: The sequel to "Babe" will be released on Thanksgiving. In "Pig in the City," Babe goes to town to save the farm from foreclosure, gets lost and ends up sleeping around town. "Sometimes, pigs can be such men." (Argus Hamilton)

Book 'Em: Andrew Morton, who wrote Princess Diana's biography, has been chosen by Monica Lewinsky to ghostwrite her upcoming book. "Let's hope the similarities end there. God help us if she auctions the dresses too." (Hamilton)


The David Letterman Top 10

Top 10 changes they're making to "Sesame Street":

10. Steinbrenner buys neighborhood and moves it to Jersey.

9. In a very special episode, Grover develops a severe case of static cling.

8. Instead of the letter "B," show now brought to you by Budweiser.

7. Oscar the Grouch has new roommate in garbage can: Tony the Mob Corpse.

6. Bert dumps Ernie for a massage therapist named Rico.

5. Bill Gates comes on to teach kids the number 55 billion.

4. You know that counting vampire? He and Buffy start getting it on!

3. Newest furry creature: "Willie Nelson."

2. Big Bird launches rap career and changes his name to Notorious B.I.G.B.I.R.D.

1. Goodbye Jimmy Smits--hello Rick Schroeder.

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