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Colleagues Kept Him on the Healthy Path

November 23, 1998|PETER TAM

Losing the weight was easy; getting motivated to start was the difficult part.

I had been overweight since I was 3 years old due to my parents' excellent cooking. Because they were always so busy, they would prepare food for the week--which I would always finish in two days . . . usually at night, after a hearty dinner.

Now my life has changed a great deal. My co-workers pushed me to lose the weight and get in shape. They told me what, how and when to eat. I learned to read nutritional labels and restaurant menus. I sought out low- and nonfat alternatives. I began asking how meals were prepared.

My co-workers taught me to graze, about four or fives times a day, spaced three to four hours apart. I learned of the importance of breakfast and how that should be the biggest meal of the day. And most importantly, I learned that dieting by starvation may cause some weight loss, but that's lost muscle, not fat--whereas exercise leads to muscle gain and weight loss.

Besides healthy eating, weight training was instrumental. That's another thing that I learned from my friends. I bench-press at least twice a week, and I also work out my back, shoulders, arms, legs--in short, the whole body. Larger muscles burn more calories, in addition to making me look and feel better. So even at rest I'm burning more calories.

To lose the weight, I dedicated myself to eating healthy and going to the gym. At my maximum, I was spending three hours a day at the gym. I would spend the first hour or so lifting weights. I then spent my last half-hour to hour doing cardiovascular: bike, run, walk, anything to keep my heart rate up and get me sweating. How did I find the time? One and a half hours before work, 1 1/2 after.

The result of all this healthy eating and cardiovascular and weight training has been improved confidence. I feel better about myself, I'm not as afraid of doing new things. Since I know I've challenged myself and won, I feel that success is almost always probable. This new body (I've dropped from a size 42 to a size 32) has helped me overcome much of what used to hold me back. For example, last year I went backpacking. Just recently I learned how to bike, and now I mountain bike almost every weekend. Early this June, for the first time in my life, I went white-water rafting.

What really helped me was simple: Start and don't stop. Share and tell. I didn't seek encouragement, but thankfully I received a lot of support and guidance from my co-workers. Be conscious of all your decisions: Take the stairs, park farther, and walk, dance, pace, or whatever while watching TV.


Vital Statistics

Name: Peter H. Tam

Age: 25

Occupation: MBA student

Height: 5 feet, 5 inches

Old Weight: 210

New Weight: 155

Time to Get There: Eight months

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