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All Crue, All the Time

November 24, 1998|KASTLE WASERMAN

Missed Motley Crue's Theater of Pain tour? Well, never fear, now you can purchase the official tour T-shirt as well as boundless other items of memorabilia at the new Motley Crue Melrose Avenue store, S'Crue (pronounced "screw").

Members of the heavy metal band--singer Vince Neil, guitarist Nikki Sixx, bassist Mick Mars and drummer Tommy Lee--explained at the opening last week that their motivation was to let fans purchase Crue items previously available only during tours.

"Fans can buy something maybe they weren't a part of because they were too young," Neil said.

Or because it was in the homes of band members or stored in a warehouse, Sixx added.

Fans lined up for blocks down Melrose to get autographs and a first glimpse at the store's Crue decor. Other items for sale include Sixx's and Neil's clothing lines, Outlaw and Bad Bones, respectively, which are motorcycle- and skateboard-inspired styles--with a rock 'n' roll edge, of course. And if a T-shirt just isn't enough, two of the band members' Harley Davidson motorcycles are also for sale.

S'Crue, 7201 Melrose Ave., L.A.

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