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Garden Sounds That Will Rock You

November 24, 1998|SUSAN CARPENTER

Bringing a touch of the Stone Age to your backyard stereo system, Rockustics' water- and weather-proof speakers are putting the rock back in rock 'n' roll. Primarily used to provide the sound in outdoor amusement parks, Colorado-based Rockustics are also available to the public and come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and styles, including the Rocky, Rocky II and Rocky III models--each constructed from lava stone--and the Punk Rock, Rockette and Tune-stone.

At prices that range from $340 to $3,600 per pair, these rocks may put a dent in your pocketbook, but at least they won't break your back.

Smaller speakers weigh a mere 15 pounds.

"When the novelty of it being a rock wears off, it's actually a great-sounding speaker," says Tony Mule, company president.

Why a rock instead of, say, a pink flamingo garden ornament?

"It was a natural," Mule says.

For more information, call West-world Distribution, (818) 706-0700.

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