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Final OK Given for New Youth Center

November 25, 1998|NICK GREEN

A $2.6-million youth center will be built at the Point Mugu military base, replacing the current outdated facility, Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-Simi Valley) announced Tuesday.

The project was approved last week by a House panel, the final step before construction can begin.

The new 10,240-square-foot center, which will serve nearly 1,200 children from kindergarten through age 17, is expected to open in May 2000.

The current youth center is at least 15 years old and runs its numerous programs out of just two rooms, director Maureen Jones-Borden said.

"To satisfy the needs of the children and the programs we do here, it's not adequate," she said. "We have kids doing arts and crafts and homework all in the same room."

The new center will have space for before- and after-school programs, instructional classes, team sports and a snack bar as well as other amenities.

The existing facility will be renovated into a center for teenagers, Jones-Borden said.

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