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Assistance Groups' Holiday Wish Lists


* The Southern California Housing Development Corp. is asking for gifts for infants, children and teens and donations of money to provide holiday food for the 2,000 hard-working, low-paid families who live in its 13 apartment communities. Information: Erin Hedges, (909) 483-2444.

* The 100 teenage girls who live at the David & Margaret Home in La Verne are hoping for gift certificates to Target, Blockbuster Music and Montclair Plaza, and everything from perfume and Beanie Babies to comforter sets, jewelry and clock radios. Information: (909) 596-5921, Ext. 3119 or 3140.

* Fast Forward to End Hunger Foundation, a video industry program to combat childhood hunger in the United States, is asking people to donate holiday food to video retailers participating in the program. Requested donations include candied yams, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie filling, powdered mashed potatoes, canned meats and fish, canned soup, stuffing mix, canned fruits and vegetables, macaroni and cheese, rice and personal care items such as diapers. Donations will be given to the Los Angeles Food Bank. Information: Lana Westermeier, (818) 385-1500, Ext. 245.

* Parents Against Cancer and Blood Disorders, a Long Beach charity that provides food, transportation, housing, medicine and funeral expenses to poor families of children with cancer, leukemia and sickle cell disease, would appreciate contributions of cash or gift certificates to Toys R Us, Kmart, Wal-Mart, Target or Mervyn's to brighten the children's lives. Information: (562) 597-5136.

* Research and Treatment Institute, a treatment center and foster family agency in Claremont, needs sweatshirts and sweatpants in all sizes, sports equipment, toiletries and grooming supplies and toys for children, ages 3 months to 12 years. Information: (800) 373-2223.

* Family Friends Project of Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles, a nonsectarian program, and the UCLA Medical Center have a wish list of toys for children, ages 2-17 with disabilities and chronic illnesses such as Down syndrome and autism. Information: Terry Shajirat: (818) 761-3447.

* Women's Transitional Living Center in Orange, which offers services and a shelter for battered women and their children, seeks everything from food to medical supplies to gifts for babies, children, teens and women. Information: Karen Reese, (714) 992-1939.

* Gifts for adults, the homebound elderly, adolescents and homeless people would be welcomed by the San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center, as well as funds for training and operation. Information: Dorie Paley, (818) 901-4830.

* Donations for boys and girls of the Angelica Foster Family Agency in Altadena would be appreciated. Information: (818) 797-5245.

* The Jeffrey Foundation for Special Needs Children in Los Angeles wishes for volunteers to help in the children's programs as well as children's program equipment, outdoor furniture, play equipment such as tricycles and a wading pool, art supplies and puppets. Information: (323) 965-7536.

* The Sickle Cell Disease Research Foundation is wishing for toys and clothing for infants through 12-year-olds, books for adults, teens and children, blankets, nonperishable food, and music for teens. Information: (323) 299-3600.

* The Phoenix Academy of Los Angeles, which combines residential substance abuse treatment with academic instruction for 150 adolescents in Lake View Terrace, is hoping for furniture, school and art supplies, recreational supplies, food, clothes, toiletries and household items for the teens, as well as office equipment, furniture and supplies for the administration. Also, welcome kits containing sheets, towels, washcloth, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, brush, comb, belt, one dress outfit, shoes, new underwear and socks for the arriving teens would be appreciated. Information: (818) 896-1121.

* For its Dec. 11 and 12 holiday parties for its International Children's Program, Orthopaedic Hospital wishes for bedding for twin beds, clothing of all sizes, combs and brushes, disposable diapers, food staples, toys and books, laundry detergent, eyeglasses, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste and towels. For the Los Angeles hospital's holiday party for patients and their families Dec. 16: Baggies, baseball caps, blocks, books, cars, cassette tapes, colored tissue paper, coloring books, crayons, crib mobiles, crossword puzzle books, colored paper, scissors, dolls, glue, Etch-A-Sketch, felt and yarn, felt pens, games, jigsaw puzzles, stuffed animals, needlepoint kits, Nintendo, plastic straws (non-flexible), Play-Doh, radios, cassette players, sports cards, VCRs and Walkmans. For the hospital's social service department's Dec. 17 party of 20 needy families: canned goods, clothing for adults and children, grocery store certificates, T-shirts for teens and toys for all ages. Information: (213) 742-1000.

* Project Cuddle in Costa Mesa is preparing for its annual holiday party for 400 abused, abandoned and drug-exposed children who cannot be with their families. Here are some of the things they wish for to help make the children's dreams come true: warm clothes for newborns and children of all ages (including pregnant teens), toys, sporting goods, hair care products for teen girls, after-shave, pajamas and swimwear for teen boys, biking helmets, skateboard gear and gift certificates to music and clothing stores. Information: (714) 432-9681.

* Memorial Miller Children's Hospital wishes every church, synagogue, classroom, corporation and resident of Long Beach would donate money or frozen turkeys, canned yams, boxes of mashed potato mix, apple cider and pumpkin pie for needy families. Information: Julia Greenwald, (562) 933-8740.

More holiday wishes will appear in Southern California Living through the end of the week.

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