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Court Commissioner Visits Classrooms

November 27, 1998|NANCY FORREST

Students at Haydock Intermediate School got a lesson in the law recently, when Manuel Covarrubias, a Ventura County court commissioner, warned them about the consequences of crime.

"They need to be better informed and understand that if they go to jail, they will lose their freedom," Covarrubias said in a visit to the campus Wednesday.

"Someone will tell you when to eat and when to do everything. [Youngsters] will soon realize that they don't want to be in that situation," he said.

Students questioned Covarrubias, who once attended the school, on subjects ranging from the salaries of attorneys, commissioners and judges in Ventura County to the judicial process.

Covarrubias also spoke about traffic law affecting juvenile drivers.

A family law attorney, Covarrubias has served as an officer of the Ventura County trial court handling traffic law since 1994. There are 27 judges in Ventura County and Covarrubias is one of four commissioners.

His visit to the school was part of Taking the Courts to the Classroom.

The program also includes mock trials for elementary through high school students, days on which students can follow law professionals to learn about legal careers, teacher workshops and other educational activities.

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