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Bottling Up Those Feelings?

November 27, 1998

Are you feeling a little anxious because you need to dress up the bathroom before company arrives? Darphin, a line of skin-care products from Paris, may be able to help with your stress and your decor.

Most of Darphin's products come in elegant glass bottles, suitable for showcasing on a bathroom counter top. And the bottles are brimming with soothing essential oils and plant extracts.

Silhouette Tonic Bath Oil ($67, 3.5 fluid ounces) can be poured in bathwater or used as a massaging oil before showering. It contains savory and jojoba.

Aromatic Beauty Body Spray ($62, for 3.5 oz) has a delicate scent of passionflower extract, gentian and witch hazel. For the holidays, Darphin is offering a similarly scented candle in a glass bowl with lid ($45 with purchase).

Darphin was launched 35 years ago by French dermatologist Pierr Darphin, who believed that people's skin should be treated according to its condition, not skin type. The company's 86 products for face, body and hair (starting at $16) are divided into eight lines to treat conditions, from sensitive or blemished to blotchy or dehydrated.

Natural ingredients such as chamomile, linden, cornflower, rose, aloe and fruit enzymes are used.

Another plus? The company is generous with samples, says De'Arna Kilekas, who works at Darphin's counter at Neiman-Marcus in Fashion Island Newport Beach.

"We don't advertise," she says. "Darphin is spread by word of mouth and by people trying the product and becoming devoted because of the results."

On the West Coast, Darphin is exclusive to Neiman-Marcus. (949) 759-1900, Ext. 2001.

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