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Match Game

November 29, 1998

You'd think that becoming Mr. Barbra Streisand would mean James Brolin could give up that Aamco Transmission voice-over gig. But actors' familiar voices hit a subliminal, and markedly reassuring, "must-purchase" chord. So stop with the "Hey, where do I know that voice from?" and see how well you do matching the talent with the product. (See bottom for answers.)


1. Kelsey Grammer

2. Linda Hunt

3. Jack Lemmon

4. Lauren Bacall

5. Winona Ryder

6. Sally Kellerman

7. John Goodman

8. Harry Shearer

9. Jeff Goldblum

10. Donald Sutherland


a. Calfed

b. Volvo

c. Apple computer

d. MCI

e. Friskies cat food

f. Budweiser

g. Honda

H. Hidden Valley Ranch

I. Tylenol

J. Chevy Cavalier


answers: 1-d; 2-i; 3-g; 4-e; 5-a; 6-h; 7-f; 8-j; 9-c; 10-b.

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