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Parents Are Responsible for Jewish Upbringing

November 29, 1998

Re "Image Make-Over," Nov. 9:

When placing blame for their sons' and daughters' rejection of their Jewish heritage, Morning Star commission members Arlene Sarner and Sharon Krischer are looking in the wrong place. Instead of looking at the TV in the living room, they should try looking in the bathroom mirror! Krischer and Sarner have abdicated their personal responsibility for the religious education of their children and have ceded it to the media. Hours spent with their children in positive Jewish experiences such as ongoing synagogue attendance at one of the many user-friendly local temples (once-a-year attendance won't do), enjoying joyful home traditions and family gatherings, participating in exciting recreational and intellectual activities in Jewish youth groups with their peers, and volunteering for Jewish and non-Jewish causes will give these children access to the Jewish role models that they are missing while watching "The Nanny" and "Clueless."


Los Angeles


I could not help noticing that Arlene Sarner is a mother of three sons "who never had any interest in dating Jewish women," and Sharon Krischer has three daughters who "don't want to be identified as Jewish." All this presumably due to negative media stereotypes. But all is not lost. Three sons who don't want to date Jewish women and three daughters who don't want to be identified as Jews . . . may I suggest a shidduch?


Beverly Hills

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