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October 01, 1998

Regarding "A Way to Put the Brakes on Unsafe Big Rigs" [Your Wheels, by Jeanne Wright, Highway 1 Classified, Sept. 24]:

The headline leads one to believe that unsafe equipment is the main cause of accidents involving truckers. You then go on to tell us in the body of the article that drivers of automobiles are the ones at fault in more than two out of three fatal accidents in California in which trucks are involved.

If you are serious about improving safety on the road, you would focus on the last paragraph of the article.

The room for improvement falls in educating drivers to leave enough distance when they pull in front of 40 tons of truck going downhill at 90 feet a second.



I am no big fan of Cadillac (especially since it sold my father a horrible 1981 diesel Eldorado), but Paul Dean's First Drive on the 1993 Escalade [Highway 1 Classified, Sept. 3] was really unfairly biased.

Dean should have done a little bit of research on the "street price" of the competing Mercedes ML320. Good luck finding one at $35,000. They are only available with the M1 option package (leather seats, sunroof), which brings them in at more than $40,000.

So the Caddy really does not cost that much more.


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