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Pigskin Prophecies

October 01, 1998

It's easy to kick the man in a turban when he's down, and after hitting only nine of 15 games last week The Prophet is feeling the hits. But I will take them like a real supernatural wizard and predict with all clarity a great turnaround. The big game this week is Notre Dame-Alemany, teams ranked Nos. 3 and 4 in the region by The Times. This is a monster matchup according to the ratings, but truth be told Hart's second-string would give either of these teams a good game. Picking against me is Johannes Tesselaar, this edition's sports copy chief. Talk about a chance to get well quick. Tesselaar is a product of Hoover High and USC. How much football can he possibly know? (Copy chief's note: Here's what I know--MARK MCGWIRE IS A TROJAN!!!!).

Season totals for The Prophet: 29 of 45 (64%), 47 points

Season totals for the guests: 32 of 45 (71%), 48 points


GAME OF THE WEEK (5 points)

Notre Dame at Alemany

THE PROPHET SAYS: You've heard of Casey At The Bat? Here we'll have Casey On His Back. When the Notre Dame defense comes blitzing up the middle, Alemany quarterback Casey Clausen will be in full retreat. So will the rest of the Indians. Notre Dame, 28-17.

TESSELAAR SAYS: You really think a Trojan would pick Notre Dame to win anything? Jimmy Bonds knows how to lead Indians to the top. We'll forgive Jimmy for his four-year mistake (attending UCLA), he's always been a classy guy. Beginning Friday, his team steps up in class. Alemany, 34-28.


OTHER TOP GAMES (3 points)

Canyon at Westlake

THE PROPHET SAYS: Not even I could have foreseen the childish shoot-the-messenger act Westlake's athletic director and principal pulled on our beloved columnist at last week's game. I'm rooting for Canyon. (But picking) Westlake, 28-14.

TESSELAAR SAYS: Welch, Austin, Zacharia, Parkinson, Cowboy football. (OK, this is the '90s, not the '80s). Westlake is the better team, but figures to be distracted by all those annoying reporters on the sideline. Canyon, 28-14.


San Fernando vs. El Camino Real at Canoga Park

THE PROPHET SAYS: San Fernando needed last-minute heroics to down Grant last week. Injuries have slowed El Camino Real's DeAngelo Nedd and San Fernando's Larry Brown. Upset special. El Camino Real, 21-20.

TESSELAAR SAYS: Brown has completed only eight passes this season, but the grit he displayed in a 26-24 victory over Grant (coming in late in the game to direct the winning touchdown drive on an injured ankle) will come through again. San Fernando, 19-17.


Antelope Valley at Dominguez

THE PROPHET SAYS: Antelope Valley is, without a doubt, the best winless football team in the region. It stays that way. Dominguez, 20-13.

TESSELAAR SAYS: Does Brent Newcomb ever schedule an easy game? The Antelope Valley coach has a method to his madness. A year ago, the Antelopes lost to Dominguez in the regular season, then defeated the Dons in the playoffs. Dominguez, 27-16.


THE REST (each 1 point)

Moorpark at Simi Valley: The Prophet: Ventura County's longest football winning streak doesn't stop in Moorpark's Marmonte League debut. Moorpark, 35-20. Tesselaar: Moorpark, 34-14.

Chatsworth at Kennedy: The Prophet: Chatsworth beat Poly by 30. Kennedy beat Poly by eight. You can't always win by comparing scores. But sometimes you can. Chatsworth, 42-35. Tesselaar: Kennedy, 25-13.

Royal at Newbury Park: The Prophet: Some folks thought this opener might decide the Marmonte League championship. Not! Newbury Park, 28-14. Tesselaar: Newbury Park, 46-10.

Chaminade vs. Valencia at Canyon High: The Prophet: Manuel White had a tough game against Chaminade last season. History doesn't repeat. Valencia, 24-14. Tesselaar: Valencia, 35-20.

Lancaster at Muir: The Prophet: Lancaster's program is coming along nicely. But not this nicely. Muir, 35-14. Tesselaar: Muir, 32-9.

Grant at Monroe: The Prophet: Monroe's defense couldn't stop a nylon run. Grant, 35-28. Tesselaar: Monroe, 24-23.

Sylmar at Poly: The Prophet: Like you need to be a swami to pick this game? Sylmar, 42-8. Tesselaar: Sylmar, 45-0.

San Marcos at Oxnard: The Prophet: These teams have tied the past two years. Third time is the charm for San Marcos and quarterback Bradlee Van Pelt. San Marcos, 42-20. Tesselaar: Oxnard, 26-23.

Agoura at Thousand Oaks: The Prophet: Agoura fans love it when I pick against them. We don't want to disappoint anyone. Thousand Oaks, 14-13. Tesselaar: Thousand Oaks, 14-12.

Saugus at Quartz Hill: The Prophet: All you need to know about Saugus is that it lost to Simi Valley. Quartz Hill, 27-13. Tesselaar: Quartz Hill, 24-14.

St. Genevieve vs. Bell-Jeff at Burroughs (Sat.): The Prophet: Mom always said that if you can't say anything positive . . . Bell-Jeff, 28-16. Tesselaar: St. Genevieve, 3-2.

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