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Infrastructure Priorities

October 02, 1998

Cities across Orange County face millions of dollars in mounting maintenance costs ranging from cracked sidewalks to crumbling roads to aging sewer lines. Some agencies are struggling with how to pay for the repairs, which become more difficult and costly the longer they are left undone. Here is a breakdown of some of the spending and capital maintenance/improvement priorities:

City: Anaheim


* $4 million to $5 million in each of the next five years on street reconstruction

* Water system will receive $7.5 million in upgrades this year, part of a five-year, $47.5-million plan

City: Brea


* $3.6 million for capital projects, including improvements to a local reservoir

City: Buena Park


* $4 million on capital projects, with a quarter of that going to water line and sewer improvements

City: Costa Mesa


* $1.1 million for storm drain improvements and repair of aging streets, curbs and gutters

* About $500,000 for new sidewalks and $100,000 for alley repairs

City: Cypress


* $1.6 million for street repairs, $950,000 on storm drains, $100,000 on sidewalks, $100,000 on sewers and $100,000 on parks

* $400,000 maintenance backlog in sidewalk repair work

City: Dana Point


* About $2.5 million on capital maintenance, repairing sidewalks, resurfacing streets and improving parks

City: Fountain Valley


* $1.2 million to redrill damaged well; $6.6 million for upkeep of residential streets

* About $600,000 for cleaning and repairing storm drains

City: Fullerton


* About $14.6 million is spent annually on capital maintenance; city has backlog in sidewalk, street, building and park repairs and maintenance

City: Garden Grove


* $1 million on traffic signal improvements, $2.1 million on interchange improvements, $950,000 on storm drain work, $800,000 on other street improvements, $850,000 on traffic medians and $200,000 on gutters

City: Huntington Beachvl,-1l * $6.3 million on emergency infrastructure repairs, including sewers and streets; $400,000 to replace roof at City Hall

* Over the next 20 years, sewers need $140 million in improvements, streets $26 million, sidewalks and curbs $20 million and pier buildings $1 million

City: Irvine


* $7.2 million on various capital improvements

City: Laguna Beach


* $1.2 million for storm drain construction; $350,000 for beach stair repairs

* Storm drains needed in several areas of South Laguna

City: Laguna Hills


* $3 million on streets, signals and lighting; $50,000 on storm drain repairs

City: Laguna Niguel


* $2.5 million for street improvements, $1.7 million on neighborhood parks and $1.1 million on storm drain improvements

* Planning to eventually widen Street of the Golden Lantern from Aloma Avenue to Sardina

City: La Habra


* About $11 million in capital improvements, including $3.8 million for streets, $722,000 for railroad-crossing upgrades, $500,000 for arterial streets and $173,000 for sidewalks

* $644,000 on water system improvements and $758,000 on sewer systems

City: Lake Forest


* $3.9 million on capital improvements; about $1.1 million for repairs and upgrades to parks

City: La Palma


* $515,000 for slurry-coating streets citywide

* Repairs to residential streets

City: Los Alamitos


* Resurfacing Katella Avenue from Lexington Drive to Siboney Street and Bloomfield Street between Katella Avenue and the Southern Pacific Railroad right-of-way

* Planning to build restrooms at Little Cottonwood Park

City: Mission Viejo


* $2.3 million on intersection improvements along Alicia Parkway, Muirlands Boulevard, Oso Parkway, Marguerite Parkway and Jeronimo Road

* About $2.8 million on various improvements to Olympiad Park, Camino Largo Park and a Park-and-Ride lot

City: Newport Beach


* $23.4 million for capital project improvements

* In 1993 the city approved a 15-year program to upgrade street lights from incandescent lamps to sodium vapor lamps. Budget constraints have limited spending to $250,000 annually instead of planned $750,000

* About $4.5 million for street repair projects

City: Orange


* About $18 million on capital projects, mostly for street resurfacing and maintenance

* $2 million to $3 million in backlogged street repairs; $23 million to expand storm drains

City: Placentia


* About $3.2 million on capital projects, a third of it for street repair and reconstruction

* Various additional street projects

City: San Clemente


* $5 million to $6 million to repair 60 miles of streets

* $2 million to finish replacing an old water reservoir with one seven times larger

* $3 million to $4 million over two years to enlarge four major sewer pump stations, upgrade and replace pipelines

City: San Juan Capistrano


* $375,000 to better monitor and control the water system

City: Santa Ana


* Variety of widening projects including Fairview, 17th and Bristol streets and Warner Avenue

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