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Miles to Go

October 04, 1998

Regarding "Navigating the New World of Frequent-Flier Miles" (Travel Insider, Aug. 30): Christopher Reynolds' painful experience in getting Lufthansa mileage credited to United Mileage Plus seems to be the rule rather than the exception. It has taken me months of calling and letter writing to get seven Air Canada/United code-share flights credited.


West Hollywood

In reference to frequent-flier mileage difficulties: I just had an experience with United that appalled me. My husband and I had separate accounts. He was ill and gave his mileage to my daughter for a trip, but had 2,200 miles left.

He died in May. I asked at a United desk and then on the phone whether I could have his mileage transferred to my account. No problem, I was told, just write a letter and send a copy of his death certificate. I did. I then received a letter asking me for a copy of his will and a $75 processing fee. tI did not comply, but sent them a letter telling them their offer was insensitive.


Los Angeles

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