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Laugh Lines

Pint-Sized Punch Lines

October 05, 1998

* What do you get when you cross Darth Vader with an elephant? An elevader. (Joshua Gitomer, 7, Redondo Beach, Menorah Community Day School)

* What kind of license does a refrigerator have? A license to chill. (Amanda Wysinger, 7, Los Angeles, Frank D. Parent Elementary)

* What did the boy pizza say to the girl pizza? I'm peppery baby! (Nancy Le, 10, Los Angeles, Excelsior School)

* What has eyes but can't see? A sewing needle! (Elizabeth Paz, 13, Beverly Hills, Beverly Vista Junior High)

* It's sweet. It's furry. And it's frozen on a stick. What is it? A pup-sicle. (Dylan Sauer, 6, Newbury Park, Cypress Elementary)

* Do you know how corn listens to you? By their ears. (Yasamine Torbati, 8, Los Angeles, Mount Washington School)

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