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October 05, 1998|IRENE GARCIA

Bright Light

Tonight's harvest moon got its name because it is the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox, which means it extends the hours of light into the evening, helping harvesters with a long day's work. Full moon phase begins at 4:12 p.m.

Water World

About 65% of the human body is water, and because the full moon affects tides, it's no wonder people also feel a change. So says Connie Freeman, above, a shaman at Beyond Reality in Canoga Park who is also a behavioral therapist. "More people definitely call me in crisis on a full moon for a reading," she said. "It's almost hormonal."

Vision Quest

The reason animals may act differently during a full moon is associated with the lunar lighting, said CSUN animal psychologist Donna Hardy. "There might be more activity among predators because they can see," she said. "It's not some mysterious energy thing. Actually, it's kind of boring."

Womanly Power

To Native Americans, the moon is feminine energy, which is why Sherman Oaks therapist Carolyn Berry, also a Native American ceremonial leader, likes to conduct medicine wheels, a ritual celebrating life, during full moons. "I can just feel the strong energy," she said. "I'm always really aware when it comes. I have a lot of respect for the full moon."

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